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Noodle manufacturers

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Designed to provide you with a better understanding of noodle formulation, processing technology, evaluation techniques, and the functionality of food ingredients in Asian noodle applications.

Course Director:
Dr. Gary Hou
Technical Director and
Asian Foods Specialist

Dr. Hou is an internationally recognized
expert in the noodle industry


Asian Noodle Technology
and Ingredient Application

A hands-on course in improving noodle quality by optimizing flour and functional ingredients.

Next course: June 6-8, 2017
Portland, Oregon

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Use WMC’s pilot-scale noodle line to manufacture:
- Yakisoba noodles
- Parboiled wet noodles
- White salted noodles
- Instant fried ramen noodles
- Wonton wraps

Rate the process performance of noodles made from different types of flours and functional ingredients

Evaluate finished product attributes for texture, color, and cooking quality

Understand the effects of flour and functional ingredients on noodle quality

Experiment with new healthy noodle products, such as:
- Whole wheat noodles
- High fiber noodles

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