Wheat Marketing Center Staff / Andrew Mense, Food Scientist

Andrew Mense
Andrew MenseFood Scientist
Andrew Mense joined the Wheat Marketing Center as a Food Scientist in March of 2021. Andrew conducts research and supports the technical education program to meet the needs of customers and address market needs. He brings industry experience from Indigo Agriculture as a Food Scientist and worked in quality assurance at Bay State Milling. In these roles, he was able to work closely with agronomists, growers, grain processors, and the food production industry.

Andrew has authored refereed journal articles focused on the structure of wheat bran and understanding its value-added properties as a food ingredient. In addition, he has conducted research on wheat and flour quality. He has an interest in working with stakeholders across the wheat supply chain to address issues in wheat, flour, and end-product quality.

Andrew earned a B.Sc. in Milling Science and Management, a M.Sc. in Grain Science, and Ph.D. in Grain Science with an emphasis in cereal chemistry at Kansas State University.