Asian Noodles: Science, Technology and Processing

Asian Noodles: Science, Technology, and Processing
Edited by Dr. Gary G. Hou

One of Asia’s oldest and most highly valued forms of processed food, Asian noodles account for nearly half of all the continent’s flour consumption. Now a commodity enjoyed worldwide, these noodles appear in many varieties thanks to, among other reasons, the international influences of culture, climate, and region. The massive global appeal of Asian noodles demands that their processing and manufacturing methods stay current with new technologies to deliver and maintain an elevated standard of quality. By combining the latest theory with real-world applications, Asian Noodles offers cutting-edge coverage of this versatile food by enlisting the help of experts from all corners of the world. This book:

  • Combines the latest science and theory with applied technology and skills
  • Includes theories on wheat breeding and genes, lab-scale noodle processing and evaluation, commercial noodle manufacturing plant setup, and first-rate quality assurance programs
  • Details wheat and flour specifications, the formulation and processing of noodles, and noodle quality attributes
  • Aids readers in developing new wheat varieties for noodle products, producing superior flour for specific noodles, and designing noodle production facilities

This one-of-a-kind book provides a depth of insight unmatched in any other work on the topic of Asian noodles. Geneticists, research scientists, manufacturers, suppliers, and a host of other professions with a stake in the Asian noodle market are sure to find the solutions they are seeking in this comprehensive reference.

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Asian Noodles: Science, Technology & Processing