How to Become a Visiting Scholar

WMC’s Visiting Scholar program invites wheat-focused science professionals to spend up to 12 months to gain technical training and develop increased understanding and innovation to increase utilization of U.S. wheat.  Such exchanges not only strengthen relationships and create networks with current and emerging technical leaders but also build foundations for better recognition of the comparative advantages of using U.S. wheat in existing and new product markets. Scholars have come from many key markets, including Japan, Taiwan, Mexico, China, and Korea. Since the program’s inception in 2001, WMC has hosted 25 visiting scholars from nine countries.

Each scholar conducts at least one independent research project, developed jointly by Dr. Jayne Bock, WMC Technical Director, and the scholar’s institution/company. Research results are made public, usually in the form of a technical journal article.  In addition to their specific research projects, visiting scholars provide staff support for many WMC technical short courses, facility tours, and crop quality analysis.

Here is the information to consider when applying:

  • Identify an area of wheat research for your program
  • Get approval from your employer or educational institution
  • Contact Wheat Marketing Center’s Technical Director, Dr. Jayne Bock, with a proposed research target
  • Work with Dr. Bock to refine your research and define the scope & goals
  • Work with WMC to establish your schedule, secure housing, and apply for appropriate travel and work visas

Visiting Scholars are recruited on an ongoing basis. Interested applicants should contact fill out the online application form below. Questions regarding the program can be directed to Technical Director Dr. Jayne Bock at

Visiting Scholar Application Form

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